CC Images via Compfight

The new watering guideline notice came recently changing the rules of the game for some of us. In the past there were no restrictions on how you irrigated your turf. The guidelines involved days of the week and times of watering. That has all changed. Starting November 1, only 50 % of the turf area may be irrigated with high flow irrigation which is defined as over 30 gallons per hour. The remaining turf area can not be irrigated. The other stipulation is you can only use micro spray or drip irrigation in your planting beds. High flow irrigation is just about every kind of spray head and rotor on the market. The new rules have been in force in the southern part of Florida for quite a while but it has finally started to work towards us. The new rules will not apply to existing systems or reclaimed water. The new rules will start in St. Johns county for now in our area, but it is only a matter of time before we all will be under the same or similar type of rules