Landscape Remedies

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Lawn and Maintenance Schedule

JANUARY- Begin transplanting plants and be sure to keep them well watered but not over watered. Test soil and apply Lime if needed.

FEBRUARY- Late in month fertilize fruit trees ornamental trees, and shrubs except spring flowering shrubs. Now is the time to start treating for crabgrass.

MARCH- Rake heavy thatch from turf. Trim and fertilize Azaleas after they bloom. Prune winter damaged shrubs and fertilize palms, shrubs, and tree’s now if you did not do it last month. It is also time to start your insect control program for your turf and put down weed and feed.

APRIL- Repair damaged areas with sod or plug’s in lawn. Monitor water needs of your turf.

MAY- Continue to monitor water needs for your turf. Use insecticide for mole crickets chinch bugs and other turf insects. Also, now is the time to put out iron to green up your turf.

JUNE- Dead head old blooms and check depths of mulch to keep it at 2 inches to keep weeds under control and retain soil moisture. Fertilize you tree’s, palms, and shrubs.

JULY- Check mower blades to keep edges sharp. Use insecticide for grubs, mole crickets, and webworms and iron to green up turf.

AUGUST- Continue to monitor water needs of turf. Watch for and treat for fungus in turf.

SEPTEMBER- Apply fertilizer for shrubs, palms, and tree’s, also, weed and feed your lawn. Treat for lawn insects now.

OCTOBER- You can apply pre-emergence herbicides for winter weeds, and potash for roots in turf.

NOVEMBER- Prepare plans to cover plants for possible freezes. Water 24-48 hours in advance of a hard freeze. Put last application of insect control down now.

DECEMBER- Don’t forget to water as needed during the winter and now is a good time to do repairs to your lawn equipment.

SPRING ANNUALS TO PLANT: alyssum, baby’s breath, begonias, celosia, coleus, dahlias, dusky miller, geraniums, impatiens, lobelias, daisies, marigolds, pentas, phlox, salvias, verba, periwinkles, and zinnias.

SUMMER ANNUALS TO PLANT: begonias, celosia, coleus, impatiens, geraniums, kalanchoe, ornamental peppers, marigolds, pentas, salvia, portulacas, and periwinkles.

FALL ANNUALS TO PLANT: mums, pansies, petunias, marigolds, and snapdragons.

WINTER ANNUALS TO PLANT: pansies, petunias, snapdragons, and flowering cabbage.

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