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When the cold starts to go, the weeds are going to grow.

It won’t be long and the enemy of homeowners everywhere will rise up and start reaching for the sun. Yes, the WEEDS are coming! What is a homeowner to do ? Well, the answer could be Pre-emergents. In case you are not familiar with them, pre-emergents are used to stop weeds before they get a chance to get going. These products only work on weeds that have not sprouted up or started the germination of the seeds. One of the products out there is Preen, a granular product that you shake out onto planting beds.Preen



Once the weeds have sprouted, then a post emergent herbicide will have to be used. The most popular one by far is Roundup. This comes in several forms but I prefer the granular. I think it’s easier and a lot less mess to mix and store. Roundup





Another option is a combination product that has both a pre and post emergent in it. One out there that I like is ProDeuce. Be sure to always read the label and avoid spraying in windy conditions.



It also goes that around this time of year it’s a good time to get the jump with a 1-2 punch, and put down a pre-emergent along with making sure you have a nice thick layer of mulch( 2-3 inches thick).

Armed with these tools, you can’t keep all weeds out but you can keep weeds at a minimum and your landscape looking good all year long.


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We were able to repair a sprinkler system for a nice Homeowner’s Association this week that had been neglected, instead of having to totally replace it like some hadphoto suggested.  We love to help people save money!  But…as we finished it started to rain!  Oh well, I’m sure they will need it sometime soon 🙂

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New Walkway, Porch, Seating Wall and Fire Pit

Chop 3

Chop 2

During the cooler times of the year, outdoor living areas like patios and fire pits can be a great place to hang out. There a few things to keep in mind during the year to keep your outdoor living area beautiful. First, keep the debris and dirt off. Keeping your patio clean not only keeps it looking good, but also keeps weeds from finding their way into the joints. Second, keeping the area clean, can prevent mold or mildew forming on the pavers. In severe cases where you have to pressure wash them to get clean, some of the joint sand can get blown out making it necessary to re-sand. Also, keep the grass edged off your pavers so it does not start to invade the sand joints.

If you don’t have a paver patio yet, here are a few things to keep in mind. The finished patio always seems smaller than you thought if would. Not sure why that is, but it almost always happens. The bad part is it is often very hard to match new pavers to older ones. There can be color variations between runs of pavers when manufactured. If you think you may want outdoor landscape lighting, put in the wires or wire chases during the patio construction. This can save you not only money later, but headaches by not having to pull up work to place wiring in. Also if you think you may want under seat lights on a seating wall or on the ends of a wall or stairs, put the fixture in ahead of time to keep from having to redo walls and capstones.

One last thing, if you decide to tackle a project such as pavers on your own, the winter months are a good time to do it. There is less rain to give you problems with putting down and compacting the base material, and it is not 100 degrees outside with the sun beating down on you and then also the pavers radiating the heat back at you. Just take your time in compacting the base material, keep your project square, straight and sloping away from your home and in short order, you can have a beautiful porch and the pride of doing it yourself.

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