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About Us

Landscape Remedies has been creating beautiful landscapes for residential properties, commercial properties, and homeowner associations all over North Florida for the last 15 years. What started out as a small Jacksonville landscape maintenance company, grew into a multi-crew operation that eventually was sold allowing the landscaping division to focus on design and renovation only. This has allowed us to thrive and grow separating us from other companies into the premier full service company we have become. We have over the last several years added Landscape Irrigation, Low Voltage Lighting, Water Features, Hardscaping with pavers and retaining walls, and we also are able to maintain your property to keep it looking the best it can with regular visits and care.

Landscape Remedies separates from the rest of the competition by it’s professional, on site supervision of your project from start to finish. We are also a one stop destination for your project. Our team is able to take and idea and turn it into a beautiful outdoor living area. This allows control of the project’s different aspects and allows for on site changes with little time or effort wasted.

Landscape Remedies uses only the highest quality professionals and materials in its work to give the results that only the most demanding customers expect and deserve.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Landscape Remedies is to be the leader in the landscaping, outdoor living and renovation business. We will perform this by using the highest quality products available, installed by trained team members, and constant on site supervision. The success of the company will be achieved by staying focused on excellent customer service, using the highest quality materials, while maintaining competitive pricing. Our final responsibility is to our Lord Jesus Christ from whom all success and blessing’s are received.

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