When the cold starts to go, the weeds are going to grow.

It won’t be long and the enemy of homeowners everywhere will rise up and start reaching for the sun. Yes, the WEEDS are coming! What is a homeowner to do ? Well, the answer could be Pre-emergents. In case you are not familiar with them, pre-emergents are used to stop weeds before they get a chance to get going. These products only work on weeds that have not sprouted up or started the germination of the seeds. One of the products out there is Preen, a granular product that you shake out onto planting beds.Preen



Once the weeds have sprouted, then a post emergent herbicide will have to be used. The most popular one by far is Roundup. This comes in several forms but I prefer the granular. I think it’s easier and a lot less mess to mix and store. Roundup





Another option is a combination product that has both a pre and post emergent in it. One out there that I like is ProDeuce. Be sure to always read the label and avoid spraying in windy conditions.



It also goes that around this time of year it’s a good time to get the jump with a 1-2 punch, and put down a pre-emergent along with making sure you have a nice thick layer of mulch( 2-3 inches thick).

Armed with these tools, you can’t keep all weeds out but you can keep weeds at a minimum and your landscape looking good all year long.