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water'dIrrigation systems are very reliable and need little care for the most part. There are a few things that will help keep your system up and running.

The first thing is make sure you water on the correct days and times. Odd address homes water on Wednesday and Saturday, even address homes water on Thursday and Sunday. All watering is to be done before 10:00 and after 4:00. Check when your system is on that all the heads are working and spraying where they are supposed to. Heads that spray onto concrete driveways or sidewalks should be adjusted. Check that no spray is hitting your home also. Check to make sure that all the heads clear your turf and if not you may need to raise them. Some systems will be fairly easy. Just take a shovel around the head and carefully dig next to it and if it is on poly pipe, a black hose, you can usually just lift it up and repack the dirt. If yours is not on poly pipe, you will need to either get taller heads or add an extension to clear the turf.

Be sure to run your system. The valves especially can have trash get in the diaphragm area and gum it up or the valves get sticky and want to not come on or stay on and will not shut off. This seems to happen more with reclaimed water, but can happen to any system. Try to run each zone for a little bit every couple weeks just to keep things working.

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CC Images via Compfight

CC Images via Compfight

This time of year it’s hot and the flower choices are kind of limited. Some choices you can use are Salvia, Coleus, Pentas, Lantana, and Crotons. W e are kind of in a ‘no man’s land’ for flowers unit fall gets here. You can also use substitutes such as Lilies or Society Garlic or a multitude of perennials that will add color to you landscape. When you choose to go with the Coleus, keep and eye on them and it is OK to trim the tops when the seedheads start to pop up. The darker colored ones will usually grow faster and taller than the yellow will so you may have to prune to keep them at the same height.

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CC Images via Compfight

With the recent large amounts of rain and wind each afternoon, it is a good time to make sure any tree limbs are pruned off. High winds can cause a limb to become a projectile and possibly do damage. It is usually better to be proactive in this case to avoid the limb perhaps landing where you don’t want it to.

Tree trimming can be done on small limbs and trees but don’t try to tackle large ones yourself. There are too many cases of people trying to cut a large limb or tree and either hurting them or others or damaging property. Large limbs and trees can twist and turn in unexpected ways and many people have been killed doing what appeared to be a simple job.

Tree trimming is one thing you should consider hiring a professional tree surgeon for. Make sure you have them provide proof of current liability insurance. A reputable company should have no problem doing that as it will separate the Pro’s from the Joe’s.

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